Food tips

See how easily taste can be tricked!

Miracle Fruit Berry is high in natural fructose, enabling fruits not normally considered sweet, to be both sweet and tasty! Our favourites include:
Lemons and Limes - suprisingly sweet!

Oranges - you have to try them, never imagined they can be so full-flavoured and sweet

Kiwi and Pineapple - delicious! A must! Also a delicious combination.

Apples - try our Granny Smith.

Pears - can be as sour as they get and will still taste sweet.

Grapes - sweet!

Rhubarb - what a difference! Must try!• Grapefruit - still a bit sour but at the same time very sweet.

Pomegranate - did not imagine it could be so sweet!

Raspberries - interesting, same sweetening effect.

Strawberries - try sweetening under-ripe berries (strawberries harvested in the winter). Ripe berries are almost too sweet :)

Watermelon - My latest discovery! Try!

Currants (red, black, white) - I would swear they were dipped in sugar!

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